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Streamlabs Chatbot is a free software tool that enables streamers to automate various tasks during their Twitch or YouTube live streams. These tasks may include moderating the chat, displaying notifications, welcoming new viewers, and much more. The tools and unique software Streamlabs offers can integrate with any popular streaming platform.

Once you are on the main screen of the program, the actual tool opens in all its glory. In this section, we would like to introduce you to the features of Streamlabs Chatbot and explain what the menu items on the left side of the plug-in are all about. Drop and contract pickers for the Warzone Caldera Season 3 map are live on the website for Nightbot, StreamElements and Streamlabs Cloudbot. Feel free to use the URL in the Streamlabs commands for ANY bot that has a URL call feature. This command will return the time-duration of the stream and will return offline if the stream is not live. The following commands take use of AnkhBot’s ”$readapi” function the same way as above, however these are for other services than Twitch.

How to Change the Stream Title with Streamlabs

For this reason, with this feature, you give your viewers the opportunity to queue up for a shared gaming experience with you. Join-Command users can sign up and will be notified accordingly when it is time to join. If at anytime nothing seems to be working/updating properly, just close the chatbot program and reopen it to reset.

  • By using aliases, you can create multiple names for your chat commands.
  • For example, if a new user visits your livestream, you can specify that he or she is duly welcomed with a corresponding chat message.
  • Typically shoutout commands are used as a way to thank somebody for raiding the stream.
  • This displays your latest tweet in your chat and requests users to retweet it.
  • Luci is a novelist, freelance writer, and active blogger.
  • Minigames require you to enable currency before they can be used, this still applies even if the cost is 0.

This created response will let your current viewers know all the necessary information about the game you’re playing and streaming. You can use the above chat command in Twitch chat like «! Followage», or by providing a Twitch username with «!

Streamlabs Chatbot Extended Commands

You could stop here, run off, and create an array of commands and you’re free to do so. As this is intended as a foundation for setting up and releasing a command, we’ll keep it simple. Let’s make a command that, when invoked by a viewer, returns a message stating the odds that this person is actually from outer space. You can also create a command (!Command) where you list all the possible commands that your followers to use. Sometimes a streamer will ask you to keep track of the number of times they do something on stream. The streamer will name the counter and you will use that to keep track.

  • @TheNameIsLuke I think I figured out the song request thing.
  • Although the chatbot works seamlessly with Streamlabs, it is not directly integrated into the main program – therefore two installations are necessary.
  • For the Python script to be picked up as a script for SC, the format should be
  • This command allows a viewer to let the streamer know they are there but won’t be able to chat at the current time.
  • According to Daily eSports, The live-streaming industry has grown by 99% from April 2019 to April 2020.
  • This Twitch Bot includes modules, commands, spam filters, and timers.

By using aliases, you can create multiple names for your chat commands. That way you don’t have to update the response across multiple duplicate chat commands. Your viewers and Twitch mods can also use your chat commands, which lets you focus on something else. For a convenient and highly engaging interaction with “twitchers” and YouTube users, influencers have turned themselves into a brand and started using chatbots. This grabs the last 3 users that followed your channel and displays them in chat. This returns the “time ago” that the user of the command followed your channel.

Tag a User in Streamlabs Chatbot Response

An 8Ball command adds some fun and interaction to the stream. With the command enabled viewers can ask a question and receive a response from the 8Ball. You will need to have Streamlabs read a text file with the command. The text file location will be different for you, however, we have provided an example. Each 8ball response will need to be on a new line in the text file.

twitch commands streamlabs

To set up giveaways in Streamlabs Chatbot, navigate to the “Giveaways” tab in the settings. From there, you can set the entry requirements, duration, and prize for the giveaway. Allow viewers to directly quote things you’ve said earlier. This can be used later by using “!quote” to retrieve a random quote from the ones used.

Streamlabs Chatbot Basic Commands

With the help of the Streamlabs chatbot, you can start different minigames with a simple command, in which the users can participate. You can set all preferences and settings yourself and customize the game accordingly. Streamlabs is still one of the leading streaming tools, and with its extensive wealth of features, it can even significantly outperform the market leader OBS Studio. In addition to the useful integration of prefabricated Streamlabs overlays and alerts, creators can also install chatbots with the software, among other things. Streamlabs users get their money’s worth here – because the setup is child’s play and requires no prior knowledge. All you need before installing the chatbot is a working installation of the actual tool Streamlabs OBS.

How do I install Commands on Twitch?

  1. 1 Click on 'Chat Commands'
  2. 2 Click on 'Add new command'
  3. 3 Edit the new command.
  4. 4 Set the 'Advanced settings'
  5. 5 Enable the command.

As the bot is already set up with 30 commands, the bot is ready to use once added. This will display the song information, direct link, and the requester names for both the current as well as a queued song on YouTube. Streamlabs Chatbot is developed to enable streamers to enhance the users’ experience with rich imbibed functionality. The following commands take use of AnkhBot’s ”$readapi” function. Basically it echoes the text of any API query to Twitch chat. Some of these commands have optional parameters that can help you customize your query results which I have noted for each command – be sure to play around with those.

11 Currency

Do this by adding a custom command and using the template called ! We hope you have found this list of Cloudbot commands helpful. Remember to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. To get familiar with each feature, we recommend watching our playlist on YouTube. These tutorial videos will walk you through every feature Cloudbot has to offer to help you maximize your content. Streamlabs Cloudbot is our cloud-based chatbot that supports Twitch, YouTube, and Trovo simultaneously.

How to Enable Nightbot on Twitch – Alphr

How to Enable Nightbot on Twitch.

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In the case of the socials area, you can use EITHER each individual one, or all, depending on your needs. Now click “Add Command,” and an option to add your commands will appear. Next, head to your Twitch channel and mod Streamlabs by typing /mod Streamlabs in the chat. Everything you need for streaming, editing, branding, and more. This will be the main program for all of this to work. It provides exceptional features, better than many of those in the market for decades, at the lowest pricing.


It should return the message you entered in the response section. We can now create out command inside the custom command editor. Luckily there is a template set up for the lurk command. Click on this and the command will auto populate with the lurk command. Moobot cannot determine the next song if the primary playlist is empty, so it will display nothing in that case.

How do I get Commands for my Twitch stream?

  1. Open up the Commands menu from the main menu, then open the Custom commands menu from there.
  2. Type the name of your chat command in the Command name input at the bottom of the menu.
  3. Click the Create button once you've chosen and typed in a name for your chat command.

Also for the users themselves, a Discord server is a great way to communicate away from the stream and talk about God and the world. This way a community is created, which is based on your work as a creator. It is no longer a secret that streamers play different games together with their community. However, during livestreams that have more than 10 viewers, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right people for a joint gaming session. For example, if you’re looking for 5 people among 30 viewers, it’s not easy for some creators to remain objective and leave the selection to chance.

Streamlabs Chatbot Timers

As a streamer you tend to talk in your local time and date, however, your viewers can be from all around the world. When talking about an upcoming event it is useful to have a date command so users can see your local date. Thus, this article will guide you through the basics and some of the twitch commands streamlabs valuable commands on Streamlabs, which would make streaming more fun and easy. Timers are commands that are periodically set off without being activated. You can use timers to promote the most useful commands. All they have to do is say the keyword, and the response will appear in chat.

  • Gloss +m $mychannel has now suffered $count losses in the gulag.
  • Yet another excellent variant geared towards the mobile streaming community.
  • You are creating both the command and the response yourself.
  • Customize this by navigating to the advanced section when adding a custom command.
  • SongRequest YouTube link», where «YouTube link» is a link to a YouTube video.
  • You can tag a random user with Streamlabs Chatbot by including $randusername in the response.

You can also use this feature to prevent external links from being posted. Streamlabs Chatbot’s Command feature is very comprehensive and customizable. Since your Streamlabs Chatbot has the right to change many things that affect your stream, you can control it to perform various actions using Streamlabs Chatbot Commands. For example, you can change the stream title and category or ban certain users.

twitch commands streamlabs

Variables are sourced from a text document stored on your PC and can be edited at any time. I want to say that’s all there is to it and that’d be true, but I understand that all these steps can seem quite daunting for a newcomer. After creating a few commands, this will become second nature to you, guaranteed. We’re going to need to access the settings.json file.

twitch commands streamlabs

They can be entirely personalized to match a user’s personality or aesthetic. Copyright is a huge deal on Twitch and streamers can easily receive copyright strikes and DMCA notices. Because of this, many streamers go out of their way to only play royalty free music on their streams. Keep reading as I go over how to request songs, regardless of the bot the streamer is using. Twitch is a live streaming platform that allows users to broadcast their gaming sessions around the world. Previously, there was a restriction on the ability to stream music on Twitch during live broadcasts.

twitch commands streamlabs